Quality Policy

Universal Labels (Pvt) Limited is a leading manufacturer of woven and printed labels, hang tags, tapes, adhesive labels and other trims required by the apparel and allied industries. Using the synergies of our well trained and experienced staff, with over 35 years of know how in label manufacture, and the use of very latest state-of-the-art machinery, we strive to provide our clients with better than the best products with quality, speed and efficiency.

We are diligently conscious of the value of brand protection and adhere to stringent measures to ensure that registered brand samples entrusted to us for development by our clients are protected and secure in our possession. Any excess, damaged or rejected labels available are systematically destroyed under supervision.
Over the years we have proudly maintained a clean and very green environment in our premises and are deeply committed to sustain it by providing guidelines and constant awareness among our employees and visitors, on the need to consciously preserve our pleasant environment. Wherever possible we choose recyclable material in our processes and strive to minimize wastage to reduce any negative impact on the environment. We do not emit harmful gasses in our manufacturing process and waste chemicals used for washing and cleaning are carefully collected and sent to organizations specializing in recycling such waste. We duly comply with international product compliance convents and government regulations relating to the protection of our environment and have obtained compliance certifications from local and foreign organizations.

We have encouraged our Directors and Company Executives to use environmentally friendly Hybrid vehicles for daily use.

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