We strongly believe in uplifting the lives of our community, our neighborhood and the people around us to see smiles on their faces just as much as we strive to deliver excellence via our products and services to our customers. We believe in our obligation to give back to the community our contribution with a spirit of caring and concern.

Being a company located in close proximity to the National Cancer Institute, we contribute our might by providing monthly stocks of rations to the Cancer Home, and also undertake minor maintenance work when required. We strongly believe we should contribute more to the upliftment of these needy and helpless who undergo a tremendous amount of suffering and hardship.

Further, the Managing Director of the Company is the treasurer and custodian of all financial donations received from donors in Sri Lanka and overseas, for the purpose of providing welfare facilities and supply of urgent drug requirements of needy patients in the Cancer Hospital. The entire accounting and financial management of donations received through the Cancer Charitable Foundation of the hospital is handled by the accounts division of the Company.

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